RALPH S. IWAMOTO, PAINTERUpdated October 2019
Date of Birth: September 13, 1927, Honolulu, Hawaii
Residence: New York City, New York
Military: United States Army   1946 - 1948
Education: Art Students League, New York, NY   1951-1953
Community College, Brooklyn, NY   1949 - 1951
(NYC College of Technology, CUNY)
Art Students League, New York, NY   1948 -1949
Worked: Museum of Modern Art (Guard) 1957 - 1960
2008 Jan-Feb The Gallery at Sixth and Sixth,
“Fifty Years of Abstraction”,
Tucson, AZ
2005 May The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center,
“Honolulu to New York”,
Honolulu, HI
2004 Sept David Findlay Jr. Fine Art,
“Works from the 50’s”,
New York, NY
2001 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Drawings and Paintings”, 
New York, NY
1989 The Gallery, St. Mary’s College,
“The Concept Form”,
St. Mary’s City, MD
1986 East/West Fusion Gallery,
“8 Contemporary Asian-American Artists”,
Sharon, CT
1974 Westbeth Gallery,
“The Octagon Concept”,
New York, NY
1973 Westbeth Gallery,
“Shaped Canvases”,
New York, NY
1968 Watson Gallery,
“Shaped Canvases”, Elmira College,
Elmira, NY
1959 Columbia Museum of Art,
“Hawaii Artists Painting in New York”,
Columbia, SC
1956 Gima Gallery,
“Flora Figures”,
Honolulu, HI
1955 Regina Gallery,
“Fauna Figures”,
New York, NY
9/17 - 1/18 Honolulu Museum of Art:
Abstract Expressionism,
Honolulu, HI
4/12 – 3/12 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“25 Years” Anniversary Show,
New York, NY
1/2012 Westbeth Gallery,
“Winter Group Show”,
New York, NY
2011 Westbeth Gallery,
“Summer Light”,
New York, NY
8/11 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Planet Alert”,
New York, NY
2010 Westbeth Gallery,
“Westbeth Pioneers”,
New York, NY 
2010 David Findlay Jr. Fine Art,
“Summer Set”,
New York, NY
2009 Broome Street Gallery,
“Holiday Invitational”,
New York, NY
2008 Herbert Freedman Gallery,
Interbonal, Inc., 1333 Lovern Ave.,
San Francisco, CA
2008 Fall Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (deYoung Museum),
“Asian/American/Modern Art, Shifting Currents, 1900-1970”,
San Francisco, CA
2007-08 Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts”,
“LeWitt x 2, Sol LeWitt: Selections from the LeWitt Collection”,
Madison; Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL;
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC;
Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
8/07 – 9/07 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Make Art Not War”,
New York, NY
2007 Los Angeles County Museum,
“Asian American Artists: 1900-1970,
Los Angeles, CA
2006-07 First Hawaiian Center, The Contemporary Museum,
“10th Anniversary; Artists of Hawaii”,
Honolulu, HI
2006 Westbeth Gallery, “Annual Show”,
New York, NY
2006 National Academy Museum, School of Fine Arts,
“The 181st Annual:  An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art”,
New York, NY
2006 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Four” (Drawings by Four Artists),
New York, NY
2005 Tribes Gallery,
“Other Dimensions of Abstract Art”,
New York, NY
2005 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Group Show”,
New York, NY
2005 Westbeth Gallery,
“Annual Group Show”,
New York, NY
2004 Davis Museum and Cultural Center,
“Infinite Possibilities: Serial Imagery in 20th Century Drawings”,
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
2004 Real Art Ways, Connecticut Cultural Center,
“Works from the LeWitt Collection”,
Hartford, CT
2004 Westbeth Gallery,
“Paintings, Drawings and Prints”,
New York, NY
2004 Artists Equity, Broome Street Gallery,
New York, NY
2003 Pinkard Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art,
Baltimore, MD
2003 New Britain Museum of American Art,
“LeWitt Collection”,
New Britain, CT
2003 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
“Rivington Beach”,
New York, NY
2003 Gallery Onetwentyeight, “
New York, NY
2002 Hawaii State Art Museum, “Enriched by Diversity,
The Art of Hawaii”, Inaugural Exhibition of Artists from 1940 to the Present,
Honolulu, HI
2002 The Contemporary Museum,
“Recent Acquisitions”,
Honolulu, HI
6/02 – 8/02 Gary Snyder Fine Art Gallery,
“500 Works on Paper:  1922-2002,
New York, NY
2002 Spring Gary Snyder Fine Art, “
Eastern Essence:  Abstraction by Asian American Artists 1950 - 1970”,
New York, NY
2002 Wynn Kramarsky, Private Showing,
“Ad Infinitum Serial Works”
New York, NY
2002 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
New York, NY
2001 Westbeth Gallery,
“Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings”,
New York, NY
2001 Gallery Onetwentyeight,
New York, NY
2001 Westbeth Gallery,
“Paintings and Drawings”,
New York, NY
2000 Japanese American Association,
“Invitational Show”,
New York, NY
2000 The Contemporary Museum,
“Recent Acquisitions”,
Honolulu, HI
1999 Zimmerli Museum of Art,
“American and European Art from 1900 to the Present”, Rutgers State University,
New Brunswick, NJ
1999 Wadsworth Atheneum,
“Contemporary European and American Art”.
Hartford, CT
1999 Senshu Museum of Art, “Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions”, Akita, Japan
1999 Fukuoka Asian Museum,
“Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions”,
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan 
1999 Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art,
“Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions”,
Kochi City, Shikoku, Japan
1998 Taipei Fine Arts Museum,
“Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions”,
Taipei, Taiwan
1998 Kaohsiung Museum of Art,
“Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions”,
Taipei, Taiwan
1998 Bedford Gallery Regional Center for the Arts,
“Asian Traditions/ Modern Expressions”,
Walnut Creek, CA
1998 Japanese American National Museum,
“Two-venue Presentation:  “Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions”,
Los Angeles, CA
1998 Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California,
“Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions”,
Los Angeles, CA
1997 Taipei Gallery, Taiwanese Cultural Center,
“Two-venue Presentation: “Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions”,
New York, NY
1997 Chicago Cultural Center,
“Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions”,
Chicago, IL
1997 Jane Voorhees/Zimmerli Art Museum,
“Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions”, Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945 - 1970,
Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, NJ
1996 Ise Foundation, JASSI Group,
“Invitational Show”,
New York, NY
1996 Japanese American Association,
“Invitational Show”,
New York, NY
1992 Westbeth Gallery,
“Columbus: Collision / Convergence of Cultures”,
New York, NY
1992 Wadsworth Atheneum,
“Susann Morse Hilles Gallery of 20th Century Art”,
Hartford, CT
1991 - ‘92 Wadsworth Atheneum,
“Open Mind: The Sol LeWitt Collection”,
Hartford, CT
1990 The Contemporary Museum,
“25th Anniversary Exhibition”,
Honolulu, HI
1986 General Service Administration Gallery,
Contemporary Artists Guild,
New York, NY
1986 Firehouse Gallery, Nassau Community College,
“Modern Japanese Abstracts”,
Garden City, NY
1985 Kenkeleba Gallery,
“Gathering of the Avant-Garde, the Lower East Side 1948 to 1970”,
New York, NY;
also at St. Marks and Henry Street Settlement, New York, NY
1985 Isetan Gallery,
Tokyo, Japan
1984 Haragiku Museum,
“Invitational Show”,
Tokyo, Japan
1984 Bloomingdale Gallery,
Invitational, Contemporary Japanese American Artists,
Stamford, CT
1983 Newark Museum,
“New Direction:  Ten Japanese-American Artists in Conjunction with the Enduring Heritage” Exhibit,
Newark, NJ
1983 Bergen County Museum of Art and Science,
“Tradition and Today”, 
Paramus, NJ
1981 Westbeth Gallery,
“Voices Expressing What Is”,
New York, NY
1980 60 Washington Square East Gallery,
New York University, “Small  Works”,
New York, NY
1978 PS 1, Project Studio,
“Small Works”,
Long Island City, NY
1976 Paterson State College, Ben Shahn Museum,
“American Abstract Artists”,
Paterson, NJ
1976 Westbeth Gallery, “40th Anniversary Show”,
American Abstract Artists,
New York, NY
1971 Butler Institute of American Art,
“35 Years in Retrospect”,
Youngstown, OH
1970 Westbeth Gallery,
“Annual Group Show”,
New York, NY
1967 -1969 Clara Josephs Gallery,
“Group Shows”,
New York, NY
1966 Western Michigan University,
“And Another”, 2nd National Print and Drawing Exhibition,
Kalamazoo, MI
1964 Kaymar Gallery,
“Group Show”,
New York, NY
1962 Butler Institute of American Art,
“27th Annual”,
Youngstown, OH
1958 - 1959 Whitney Museum of American Art,
“Whitney Annual”,
New York, NY
1958 Madison Square Garden,
“Art USA”,
New York
1958 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
“153rd Annual”,
Philadelphia, PA
1958 Detroit Institute of Arts,
“Annual Exhibition”,
Detroit, MI
1958 Allegheny College,
“Drawings and Prints”,
Meadville, PA
1958 Chrysler Museum of Art,
“American Art of Our Time”,
Provincetown, MA
1957 Butler Institute of American Art,
“22nd Annual”,
Youngstown, OH
1956 Riverside Museum,
“56 Annual”,
New York, NY 
1955 Contemporary Arts Gallery,
“Group Show”,
New York, NY
1954 City Center Gallery,
“Group Show”,
New York, NY
1953 Creative Gallery,
“4th Annual”,
New York, NY
1948 Honolulu Academy of Arts,
“Artists of Hawaii Group Show”,
Honolulu, HI
1948 Hale House, Honolulu Art Association,
“Group Show”,
Honolulu, HI
1948 Hale House, Hui Nani Artists,
“Group Show”,
Honolulu, HI
2002 Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Grant, New York, NY
1987 Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Grant, New York, NY
1958 John Hay Whitney Foundation, Fellowship, New York, NY
1957 Purchase Prize, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
2011 Congressional Gold Medal Award, Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Herb & Nancy Conley, Honolulu, HI
Department of Fine Arts, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM
Anonymous, South Carolina
Robert Cole, Wilmington, NC
Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, Heritage Room, Honolulu, HI
Jane Voorhees/Zimmerli Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Werner (Wynn) Kramarsky Collection, New York, NY
Elena Coon Prentice, New York, NY
Masao Katagami, New York, NY
Yoshito Yoshioka, New York, NY
Katsumi & Mildred Hosokawa, Waialua, HI
Donald & Roberta Gratz, New York, NY
Franklyn Furnace Archives, New York, NY
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hi
Tadashi & Kiyoko Sato, Lahaina, Maui, HI
Adrienne Hosokawa, Aiea, HI
Charmion Von Weigand Collection, Tibetan Buddhist Institute, New York, NY
Joanna Miles & Michael Brandman, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Haruo Miyauchi, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Robert & Violette Moteki, Brooklyn, NY
James & Mimi Rosenquist, Aripeka, Tampa, FL
Nancy and Herb Conley Collection, Honolulu, HI
Steve Wada and Takako Kusunoki, New York, NY
Warner and Jessie Wada, New York, NY
Dorothy & Herbert Vogel Collection, New York, NY
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
Sol LeWitt Collection, Chester, CT
St. Mary’s College, St. Mary’s City, MD
Honolulu Advertiser Publication Collection, Honolulu, HI   
Thurston Twigg-Smith Collection, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI
State Foundation of Culture and the Arts, Honolulu, HI
Herbert Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Sheldon Swope Art Gallery, Terre Haute, IN
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
Robert Ryman, New York City, NY
Tobias Schneebaum, New York City, NY
Bjorn Reselle Fine Art, New York, NY
Karen and Joe Berlekamp, Ovwerland Park, Kansas
Reynold and Kay Iwamoto, Lawrence, Kansas
A. Miya Maysent, Dallas, TX
R. Gregory Buxbaum, St. Helena, CA
Bernice M. Buxbaum, San Antonio, CA
Robert A. Iwamoto, Honolulu, HI
Ross Iwamoto, Huntington Beach, CA
Elynne Chung, Honolulu, HI
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